The unique spouses have been living in a cave for 60 years and strongly refuse to move anywhere else

How and why has this extraordinary couple been living in a cave for 60 years?

This unusual and absolutely unique couple from China, Liang Zifu and Li Suyin have been inseparable for already 6 decades. It should be mentioned that the spouses have faced many difficulties and problems during their life. They didn’t have money and couldn’t afford to buy an apartment or even rent a small one. Having no other choice, the couple decided to build their own place inside a cave.

There the spouses have their bedroom, kitchen and dining room. In the course of time, Liang and Li started to do farming and kept pigs and hens. In order to obtain clothes and other necessities, they exchanged their products with the required things.

The absolutely unique family had children and, believe it or not, the woman had to give birth to her babies in the cave due to the lack of opportunities. When their children were already grown up, they rushed to move to the city, whereas their parents strongly refused to leave their cave.

Soon, the provincial leadership discovered the family living in a cave and offered to give them an apartment in the center of the city. However, Liang and Li flatly refused. As the couple mentioned, they were fond of being isolated from others and really loved the quiet and peace in the cave. They simply wanted to live the rest of their life enjoying themselves.

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