An adult pit bull becomes attached to a foster pup 

Thousands of animals across the country are waiting to be affiliated before heading to their permanent homes.

An incredible tiny pit bull named Snax finds himself in a much larger pit when he is taken in by a woman whose name is Anne.

Anne already had a charming dog named Thunder, who was quite old to know all the tricks in the book.

As soon as he carried Snax home, Thunder realized it was his mission to teach this tiny creature about the earthly world.

He taught him how to walk on a leash, but Thunder also showed Snax how to chew on a bone, sit well at a treat, and look undeniably incredible as they fell asleep on the couch with each other.

Snax was finally affiliated and divided from his closest companion Thunder.

Once, while Anne was walking her dog, they ran into Snax and their reunion was nothing short of touching.

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