Nobody was sure if this helpless kitten would live, but Lilo proved that she would. So cute!

Here is true love between a rescued catty and an adorable husky.

Some months ago, when a helpless kitten named Rosie was found, everyone doubted if she would live, but a friendly husky named Lilo gave her the second chance at life and since then their love story began.

Although the kitten is still in recovery process, she feels great next to her loving friend.

Lilo has two siblings, who welcomed their new member with happiness. Now they are inseparable and enjoy being together all day.

The owners of these adorable creatures are three sisters. They adore animals since their childhood and do their best to save and support stray dogs and cats. The kind girls take them from streets, feed and give them to the shelters.

They describe the relationship of Lilo and Rosie in this way: “Love does not see with the eyes but the heart.” This is all about this amazing couple. That’s so cute!

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