The stranded cat jumps into rising Oregon floodwaters

The stubborn cat, that didn’t want to be saved 

Last week a serious flood happened in Oregon and firefighters tried to save the stubborn cat.

The fire department staff were sent to help a resident in evacuating his farm.

Rescuers saw a frightened cat settled high on a beam while taking the guy to the safety.

The rescuer went to the cat before the frightened animal jumped from the pole into the water.

Before the cat was washed away the rescuer managed to catch it.

He had some difficulty catching the cat with two hands as it began to fight.

The rescuer could reach the raft, where the resident was waiting with a jacket to warm the cat.

When the poor cat fought to get free, it almost fell beneath the raft.

The cute cat was finally wrapped in a jacket and taken to higher ground some 200 yards from  where it was saved.

The cat immediately ran away after it was set free.

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