Little kitten meets her new dog siblings and her emotions are the sweetest thing you’ll see today

A cute friendship between a dog siblings and a little adopted kitten

When you see someone for the first time it creates an unforgettable feeling on your memory. And it is the same for both humans and animals. Their emotions might be invaluable when they see someone for the first time. Although this cat is small, her reaction seeing her dog siblings is amazing.

This is Nimbus. When Sam Gerth adopted Nimbus she was the dwarf of the litter. She was discovered in the street, coated in oil and dirt, as she was too small to walk. Nimbus wouldn’t have survived, if it hadn’t been for Sam.

Sam immediately bathed the cat and placed her next to the heater to warm up. She was freezing and after 45 minutes she fell asleep. In the begging the family thought of giving the cat for adoption, but over time they got attached to her.

They already had two cats and two dogs and it turned out, that they were conductive in the adoption of Nimbus.

Nimbus didn’t show any emotions when she saw her siblings for the first tome. Although the little kitten was frightened they got alone very well. Sam’s dogs and cats are loving siblings and Nimbus is a brave little animal. They became best friends after a few days.

One of the dogs named Zep spent the whole day cuddling with Nimbus. Nimbus is loving her best life as a member of a loving family.

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