A domestic cat and a goat have their own way of bullfighting in the kitchen 

The little goat tried to attack the domestic cat but failed for a funny reason.

His feeble headbutt attempts were captured on camera for millions to watch.

On a typical day as a pet, a domestic cat would try to make his way through the kitchen to his assigned sleeping location. On his way stood a goat that best represented Gandalf.

Unluckily for the goat, the cat broke through and did it in the most ridiculous way.

The face of a domestic cat when meeting with a goat speaks for itself. He rolls his eyes and tries to go in the other way.

When the cat accidentally slips past, the little goat assumes a fighting stance as well as tries to headbutt the cat on the back. A bold action, certainly, and one that ultimately backfired.

The closer the little goat came to the cat, the more he understood the difference in size.

Several efforts to hit the head led to the fact that the goat was pulled out at the last moment. The domestic cat was farther ahead and swallowed warningly to assert his superiority.

This wonderful clip has more than a million views and is a good indication of how two different pets can interact with each other.

The little goat lost, but he learned an essential lesson about biting off more than he can chew. In a few years, the rate of growth could turn the tide of battle in his favor.

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