The cat, that is always embarrassed even when it isn’t in trouble

A really beautiful cat with almost embarrassed appearance 

There are many cats on the Internet. Such legends as Grumpy Cat will always be in our hearts, but we believe that now cats will take the place of legends and one of them might be Maisey.

We have all seen aggressive, amusing and whimsy cats, but have you ever seen an embarrassed one? Maisey is the example of very embarrassed cat.

The cute Scottish Fold cat seems to be doing something wrong all the time. Her big eyes give the false impression and became popular on the Internet when her mother shared the cat on Facebook.

Maisey lives in California with her mother named Sara Luandro. She immediately became popular when her photos were shared on the Internet. And you have to admit, she’s really beautiful. If you compare Maisey’s photos with any other one, we are sure you will come out on top.

Just look at these adorable and amazing cat photos, but be attentive they will melt your heart.

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