A woman rescued a homeless cat, that was going to be euthanised as she was ugly

A cat with a face deformity, that has a wonderful life

A teacher from Florida Lori Farris did a big thing. She was able to save the life of a poor homeless cat, that was going to be euthanised for being ugly. The unfortunate kitten was covered in mud and fleas, when she brought it in from the street.

So she bathed it and took it to the vet for an examination. There it was clear, that the poor animal had intestinal parasites and eye diseases. And also it was born with a face deformity.

The vet told, that the kitten will be put down at the shelter. It had diseases and was bad looking, so no one will want to adopt it. All of this would have happened if Lori hadn’t interfered.

Lori didn’t want to let it happen. She wasn’t worried for its face abnormalities, she was worried with other things. The cat named Willow became a really amazing and unusual cat over time. She’s well now and she’s enjoying its life with Lori’s dog.

She thinks adopting Willow was one of the most important decisions in her life. She’s a fortunate cat with an Instagram account with over 100000 followers, which she shares with her closest friend Ella the Boxer.

We’re really happy, that she’s a happy life and Lori exists.

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