After people’s complaints the police station employed a kitten

A cute cat lawyer, that works in a police station 

A homeless cat named Leon entered into the police station during a thunderstorm and asked for a refuge.

And the kitten seem to like the place and decided to stay after the rain stopped.

He spends his days welcoming people in the lobby.

But after some time people started to complain, as if a homeless cat entering into the building is unacceptable.

And the station thought a perfect plan to end the complaints. They hided the cat as an official greeter!

They gave him his own beige as a proof of his employment and his pay consisted of food, place to live, treats and love.

He is now called Dr. Leon and he enjoyed his work of greeting everyone.

Dr. Jeanette Laredo’s post became popular as she published the happy news on the Internet.

She also told, that he received a promotion and is now called a lawyer.

He even has his own Instagram account with almost 90000 followers, where people can follow his daily life and learn about animal legislation.

This amazing kitten has come a long way by arriving to the shelter and he received the beat

Just watch the amazing video:

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