A cute kitten will melt your heart with her worried eyes

A kitten with anxious eyes and a cute tie

This is the story of a cat named Bum! He was born with a pair of worried eyes.

He was very little when he and his siblings came to the San Diego Human Society Kitten Nursery and he quickly became everyone’s favourite.

His eyes were crossed in a way, that made him look worried, and it was clear that he was different from his siblings.

He may not be your beloved kitten, but he is healthy, happy and lovely as they come.

Courtney told, that he is almost very goofy and funny, but he is really clever and intelligent.

He is also very attentive and assists his owner in helping foster kittens.

He has come a long way in a short time and he looks really cute.

His best friend admiral Kitty Kingman is always playing with him and both of them aren’t shy of the cameras.

Bum’s nose turned into a lovely freckle as he grew up, making him look even more amazing.

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