A couple didn’t know why they keep sleeping through their phone alarm, when they saw their cat turning it off

The cunning cat, that was turning his owners’ alarm off 

An amusing moment happens every morning when a grumpy cat switches off the alarm with the help if his paw. And as a result his owners didn’t wake up at the right time and are late for work. One of the cat’s owners told: “Me and my friend are always late for work as our alarm doesn’t ring.”

The owners were confused so they decided to capture it all in a video. The cat climbs up to the bedside table when the phone begins to ring and touches the screen with his paw until it stops ringing.

The owners are laughing when they found out their cunning cat climbs over to the phone and touches the screen to silence the alert. And than the cat starts scratching one of the owner’s arms, making them laugh even louder.

The video was captured on July 27 in Brazil. “We just found out, that it was our cat Joaquim, who turns our alarm clock off.”

And here’s a video:

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