The cat got lost and after a long break he came back in a surprising way. So amazing!

The lost cat went on its own and returned the same way.

When the friendship is real, no one and nothing can separate it.

Many years ago Nguhi Muturi from Dallas, Texas, adopted a little kitten named Panther and they became inseparable. They enjoyed their lives together and never left each other. But when the girl grew up and went to college, she left the kitten alone at home. During her absence, Panther left, too.

He ran away and didn’t come back.

Five years passed and the girl lost her hope of finding the kitten and continued to live as usual.
But one day their family noticed a cat near their house. He had a strong resemblance to Panther, so they decided to find out if he was their previous cat or not. The family organised a thorough paw inspection, and it showed that he was their lovely Panther. After five years he returned home on his own.

It turned out that when the catty got lost, he was taken to a shelter and after a short time a woman adopted him. The woman’s parents live in the neighbourhood of Nguhi Muturi. And Panther remembered his previous house and came back.

The family was shocked. Although Panther’s new owners were ready to give him back, Nguhi’s family refused to take him, because they have already had a dog and a cat. It was so heartbreaking, but the family couldn’t keep him with their pets.

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