A miraculous thing: A cat survived being almost frozen in snow

A cute cat, that was trapped outside and almost frozen 

The cat named Fluffy was Frozen just a week ago.

One day the cat went outside in the cold air, while her family wasn’t wt home and after some time she was frozen and wasn’t able to return to the warm house. As she was waiting for the rescue in the yard, low temperatures rapidly covered her body with thick layers of ice and snow.

Fluffy was frozen and motionless when her owners came and found her. But happily the cat has already recovered thanks to her quick thinking family and Animal clinic.

The director of the clinic told: “They immediately took her here, as they have always been amazing pet parents. All staff was working. There were two vets, that were blow drying and wrapping her in warm towels and also thawing ice and snow with warm water.”

Fluffy had a very low body temperature, although she had a heartbeat when they arrived. After almost an hour the cat was able to move.

It’s unknown why Fluffy was trapped there, although the vet told, that she may have been injured by another animal. She has marks on her skin, but they aren’t serious.

“She stayed with us for a few hours and for the night she was watched at an emergency animal hospital. And in the morning she was walking and feeling well.”

Fluffy’s family decided to limit her time outside after the incident. She will have a lot of time to spent with her family as the weather warms up.

“Her owners are new in the neighbourhood and Fluffy was an outdoor cat, but after the incident she started living indoors most of the time.”

Fluffy is curled up in a warm bed after the incident and will want to remain there for a long.

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