“This is where the paradise is”: Here are the least-known and most breathtaking UNESCO sites

This is how the real paradise looks: The rarest and most beautiful places

We possess an absolutely beautiful and wonderful planet that we call “The Earth” taking the fact that it is the only planet in the Solar System that has water, t. e. life, into consideration. Whereas we continuously undertake such destructive activities that are doing great harm to our Earth. Instead, we should highly appreciate, not injure and weaken the place where we live.

So, here are the rarest and most beautiful UNECSO places!

Ningaloo is a reef located in the north of Australia.

It is a reef which is located quite near the coast.

Reunion is considered a broad region of France.

Te Wai Pounamu is a territory located on the coast of New Zealand.

Socotra consists of four islands and two rocks located in the Indian Ocean.

Glacial fjord Ilulissat, Norway

Ounianga located in the Sahara desert is a group of four lakes.

A national park located in Alaska called Elias.

Tatshenshini Alsek Park is in Columbia. It is a provincial park.

This miraculous place is called Glacier Bay, a park in Alaska.

Shirakami Santi Nature Reserve in Japan

Aldabra is located in the Indian Ocean and is an atoll.

Skocjan Caves which is located in Slovenia.

Jiuzhaigou is a nature reserve, a national park in the province of the northern Sichuan, Central China.

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