Although Lilo has never had babies, she became a mother when a helpless creature needed her love

The little kitten found someone who became a real mother for her.

Meet Rosie, a little kitten, and Lilo, a caring dog, who have a touching story and they excite everyone with their cute relationship.

Although they are quite different, their bond is very strong and they cannot live separately.

Rosie was only three weeks old and had some health problems and was defenceless, when she was adopted by a caring family, whose lovely dog Lilo completely changed her life and became a caring mom for her.

The sick kitten was so weak and needed to be cured and stay under the strong care.
So the family decided to let the animals approach to each other and create a close relationship thinking that it would help the baby overcome her illness. And one day they noticed something amazing. Rosie was suckling on Lilo. This made the owners speechless.

Although the cute dog doesn’t have her own babies, she is a caring mom for the little kitten, who gets much love and attention from Lilo.

Now Rosie feels great. She is healthy and strong.

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