At the age of 5, the child can make up her mother better than a professional makeup artist

Someone is in favor of the kids using cosmetics, someone is categorically against it. But Cassie and Shab went their own way. Seeing the talent in her daughter, her mother taught her the art of makeup.

For the first time she took cosmetics in her hands at 2 years old.

Now she is 5 years old, and she expertly paints her mother.

The girl is very diligent!

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This is not a game and not a job, namely that learning a craft, but with elements of creativity. Shab definitely has a talent for working with cosmetics, and judging by her confident actions, she already knows the basic techniques. And if so, then you can start experimenting!

@makeupbyshab It’s only the beginning 🥰 #mummyanddaughter #makeup #fypシ ♬ You're Still The One – Eddie Tom

Not everything works out at once, but it’s even more interesting this way.

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As the mother notes, if her daughter does not get tired, she will continue her studies. And it is possible that in a few years Shab will paint famous personalities.

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