An abandoned cat is reunited with his unlikely friend after being apart for years

A happy ending for an abandoned cat’s story

A cat named Hoonie came to the shelter with his plush toy, which was almost the same size as the cat himself. And from that moment it was clear, that the cat’s story would be different from the others. The old cat was left alone when his owner passed away. The owner’s daughter had an allergy to cats, so she called the charity to find a new home for the cat. But no one knew what was going to happen.

“We wanted to help the poor animal, so we put him in our adoption program. Bur Hoonie wasn’t alone when he arrived…

Hoonie’s plush toy cat friend was elderly and well loved. “I can say, that he had the toy for a few years.” And his owner’s daughter brought a list of his favorite things and dislikes, and one of them was a little plush animal. She told, that he likes cuddling with his toy.

The shelter took him and have a temporary home. The experts told, that they have never seen such a strong connection between an animal and a toy.

And after his story was shared on the Internet, something amazing happened. His previous owner identified him, as he was his own pet 14 years ago.

He kept the cat with his girlfriend almost a decade and when they broke up, the girlfriend took Hooniewith her. The couple has many pets, and decided it would be good for Hoonie to stay with her.

And Hoonie’s previous owner was very happy to have him back. Hoonie and his best friend stuffed animal went to love with his old closest friend. What a beautiful end.

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