A homeless cat brought her kittens to the woman, who fed her

A very brave cat mother, that brought her kittens to keep them safe

A woman named Shea A Prior found a homeless cat in her backyard a few months ago and started to feed it. The cat was shy at first, but after some time she started to enjoy the meal. The woman felt happy, as she was able to gain het trust and she accepted thee food.

Prior was both happy and worried and she wanted to help the cat mother and her kittens in any way possible. She searched for the kittens, but they were nowhere to be found, so she asked the cat mother bring them.

She wrote on Facebook: “I began to tell her to bring her kittens, as I thought they were amazing.”

The next day Prior went to water the plants and she found out, that the cat returned and she wasn’t alone.

“She came to me and started to rub on my leg. She took me to my house and there I saw two little kittens looking at me. She fell down and started to scream, “Come out and see me.”

Prior gained the trust of the mother cat, who knew she would assist her in keeping her family safe, and she was happy to show her five kittens to her.

The kittens were at first frightened to come out of their hiding place, but when their mother convinced them, they gained the bravery to come out.

“One of the kittens with a grey fur was very courageous and came up to me and even allowed me to stroke him. After almost 10 to 15 minutes all of them came nearer and let me touch them.”

Prior knew she had to help the family and she was able to bring them to the house. She would find homes for all the kittens when they get older and also she wanted to adopt the cat mother.

Prior was overjoyed, that the other cat was very brave to bring the kittens to the woman and all of them will soon find their forever homes.

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