This is what Meghan Markle did to Elizabeth the Second that the Queen could never forgive

Here is Meghan Markle’s unforgivable act towards Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth the Second tragically passed away at the age of 97 on the 8th of September leaving absolutely everyone in tears and sorrow. The legendary woman was surrounded by her closest and most beloved people during the last minutes of her life. Everyone was there except for her, Markle, who didn’t even go to Scotland where the Queen’s body was located.

It was quite expected as the American actress constantly had conflicts and disagreements with the royal family. The Queen and her didn’t really love each other and their relationship was rather tense. Besides, Markle shared some things concerning the royal family and this was strongly disliked by the monarch.

In each of her interviews, the actress tried to share some details of the royal family about which she was dissatisfied. This fact was rather offensive towards the Queen. Markle wasn’t going to stop it claiming “Why can’t I do this?”.

What can you say?

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