The couple decided to take a photo on their engagement day, but a strange guest interrupted them

The couple’s photoshoot turned into so funny when a crazy guest visited them.

It was a unique day for Kelin Flanagan and Spencer Taubner, who decided to be photographed on their engagement day, but they never expected that they would have a funny visitor.

Although the weather was not so good as they expected, it didn’t disturb them to have funny and beautiful photos.

They were being photographed when a crazy squirrel decided to interrupt them and be present in their photoshoot.

The squirrel posed in an interesting way as it came just for being photographed. As a result, they had an amazing photoshoot thanks to the efforts of the cute animal.

Although the couple is so beautiful and their photos are also very attractive, the squirrel made them more fascinating and interesting.

Enjoy them!

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