Stretched up without food or water, this dog is hanging from a balcony

Don’t let any dog agonize in silence.

When the people of Cairo, Egypt looked up, they spotted a German Shepherd hanging from a balcony on the third floor.

It’s amazing that the miserable puppy could even call for help.

The dog named Bella hangs around her neck.

The stretch around her neck kept her from falling, but Bella was a large-sized dog and it could have killed her.

No one knows for sure how long Bella hung there, although others consider that it could have lasted as much as five hours.

A handsome man was able to enter the house and rescue Bella.

The reality was rapidly revealed. Bella was weak and had to live on a dilapidated balcony.

There is no life for any dog. The dog was affiliated by ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals).

She no longer needed to live in a dirty location. Bella was placed with a foster family in the US through Special Needs Salvation and Restoration.

Bella moved to Texas. Currently, she is provided with a large yard where she can run around, as well as has a canine brother.

Bella will presently live like a queen sleeping on her cozy couch.

Do you know if there are tethered dogs in your yard?

Are dogs underweight? Will people look after them in frosty weather? Abused dogs are in need of our assistance.

Don’t let any dog ​​(or another animal) agonize in silence.

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