A rescued blind cat named Honey Bee, that adores hiking

A cat, that loves hiking very much

Honey Bee is an amazing blind cat, that adores hiking! A couple adopted her from the shelter and now she lives with her owners and four other cats in Seattle.

We take her on our shoulders or simply on a leash, when we go hiking. People considered, that only dogs like hiking, but Honey Bee enjoys it.

She would go with us on long walks and she adores it.

And also Honey Bee adores listening to water noises, when we go to trips near the river.

Honey Bee makes hiking a little slower, as there are many noises and aromas she wants to take in.

She is like people, takes regular water and food breaks.

You can also climb any mountain is there’s a Bee living in you.

At Lake Barclay.

We also examined Seward Park.

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