A very fat cat father refuses to feed his babies and the owner plans a really good project

A fat father, that eats everything only by himself, leaving nothing for his babies

A very fat cat with babies named Meatball needs some assistance with manners. Meatball became a father just recently and from that time his kittens started to eat only solid food, as he himself eats everything and leaves almost nothing to his babies. And this continued for days and people started to notice, that the father becomes bigger and the kittens thinner.

Meatball and his pair live in Hong Kong with their humans Koon Wah and Daphine and also their three babies.

So one of the kittens started to follow her father’s steps and people noticed it. After discovering Meatball’s secret owners composed something incredible as a solution.

“When it was a meal time, Koon Wah separated them all” told Daphine.

Meatball, a fat father needs some assistance for his manners.

It was a short time, when Meatball became a father and from that moment the kittens started to eat solid food.

He ate everything by himself, leaving almost nothing for his kittens. And after discovering it the owners came up with a really good idea.

“We also had some sake wine cloth, that I sew on the front of each barrier.”

“It helped a little to separate them during a meal time.” But Meatball is still overweight and he is now in terms of weight control.

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