This is a joyful as well as a loving family reunion

Gold-colored retrievers are the best family dogs in the world, known for their compliance as well as their love of water.

They are easy to train and are known for their beautiful fur.

Tucker is a charming fluffy gold-colored retriever living with his loving family. He is accompanied by his son Todd, who is mischievous and full of mischief.

Tucker enjoys his comfortable life when his man treats him like his own. He loves his massages as well as is pleased by them. He is a sympathetic father and adores his son.

He is fond of sitting in his training chair and makes sure his son does the same. Todd is learning to listen as well as understand human language. He accompanies him wherever he goes.

Nevertheless, he is expecting another son, affiliated by another caring family. As soon as he sees his son named Joker, who looks like Todd. He sniffs at him lovingly.

Father together with his sons enjoys resting outdoors. They swim and enjoy the weather outside. This is a joyful as well as a loving family reunion.

Tucker plays with his boys for a while and after that, he makes up his mind to leave them to enjoy a swim. Puppies play together and cuddle after bathing.

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