A cat in a really bad health state was given the second chance

A poor cat was imprisoned in a small cage for a long time

A little black and white kitten named Samuel was saved from a little container where he had spent most of his life. He was taken to the shelter, where he was awfully underweight. He had many health problems. And a worker of the shelter, who wanted to help Samuel, shared his photo on the Internet.

And a vet technician named Leslie Raines was at home that day and came across Samuel’s photo. And soon Samuel was taken to the foster home with Leslie and his long road of rehabilitation began. Samuel was able to regain his black and white fur in moths, but he still had some difficulties to face. And only after a year Samuel was able to became the lovely, cute cat he was before.

And Raines started to look for a new home for Samuel after a few years. And Raines met Bryan Smith. She wasn’t sure the man is the right owner for the cat, until Samuel gave her a hint. And the little kitten was adopted by Bryan, who had recently lost his beloved cat.

Samuel became Bryan’s best friend and they are living together for a year now. He is happy with his new home.

The cat still has pressure wounds from being imprisoned for a long time.

Samuel was taken in a really bad state to the vet clinic.

Samuel was able to gain weight and restore his vision due to the care of the shelter staff. But he still needed to learn to be a cat.

Samuel’s black and white fur began to grow after a few months, but he had also other problems to face.

Samuel turned into a cute, fluffy cat he was.

He was worried about new adopters, until he met Bryan.

And now the cat and the man became best friends and enjoy their life together.

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