A woman found a kitten at Walmart and assisted him

A sweetie pie! A cute kitten, that got a new family

Annie Rahe was buying groceries at her local Walmart last month when she decided to look for the Christmas decorations. And she was amazed to discover a little kitten there.

There was a little black and white kitten between the wooden pallets and her owner’s were not there.

Rahe called the salesperson and asked why the cat was alone.

“The worker told me, that someone had thrown him in the parking lot and he started to enter into the store and hide beneath the pallets. It’s unknown how long he stayed there, but the worker told, that others forced him to leave.”

Rahe immediately went to the pet goods section to choose a can of kitten food.

“He was very little and sweet and the only thought he was alone there broke my heart. I refused to go anywhere without him.”

When she placed the cat food on the floor the kitten ran over and started scarfing down the can of food. The food attracted cat’s attention so that Rahe was able to catch him. “I had to use a box from the garbage, until I was able to go to the pet aisle and buy a carrier for

him. And also I used another piece of a cardboard as the lid.”

“I had to spent 45 to 50 minutes until I was able to gain his trust. And only after that he crawled out of the box and entered into my carrier. And there I also had to catch him again. And all of this resulted in a noisy scene.”

Rahe wanted to buy some groceries, but there was some necessities for the cat.

She gave the kitten named Wally a wash and a good dinner, than he went to sleep.

Wally is very little and underweight for his age, but he is healthy and likes his new home.

“He is a sweetie pie. He purrs every time I enter the room, I had to be attentive while walking, as he is always beneath my feet. He likes his new toys very much.”

When Wally had all his vaccination he will be ready to be introduced with his cat and dog friends.

Rahe hadn’t thought about adopting a kitten on her way to Walmart, but she was happy is everything turned out so.

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