The friendship between the little boy and the cute puppy began at Christmas, when his two brothers met Santa Claus

The sleeping positions of the boy and his cute puppy are so funny!

Meet Beau, a little boy, and Theo, a funny puppy, that capture everyone’s attention with their cute relationship and are so famous on social media.

Everything started at Christmas, when the boy’s two brothers saw Santa and asked him for a pup. Unfortunately, they weren’t allowed to keep a dog in their flat in New York, but when the family moved to another city, they began to search for an appropriate pup for their sons.

After looking for a puppy for several weeks, they finally saw Theo in one of the shelters and loved him at once. When they took him home, the cute puppy became their favourite and they created a strong bond with him. Especially their little boy Beau loves him and enjoys spending most of his day with him. Theo gets much love and attention from his family and is so happy to have such caring owners.

Now Theo and Beau have thousands of followers and their attractive photos are quite famous on Instagram.

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