“The most beautiful newlyweds”: These are the wedding photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Here are Jennifer Lopez’s and Ben Affleck’s long-waited wedding photos

There is no need to mention that millions of Lopez’s fans were impatiently waiting for this remarkable event – the wedding ceremony of Lopez and Affleck. As it was found out, their wedding was kept a secret and only after some time did the couple decide to tell about the most important occasion in their life and share the touching and heartwarming photos.

They have happily been dating for many years and it was already high time to legalize their relationship. The admirable couple married in Vegas and wore charming vintage outfits for their wedding ceremony.

And now, Jennifer’s surname is not Lopez, but Affleck! They have been known each other since 2002 and started to date at the time. Whereas they broke up and last year revived their relationship again.

“A wonderful love story”, “When are you planning on having babies?”, “Most importantly, they are absolutely happy”, “Such a beautiful couple”.

How did you find their wedding look?

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