Meaty, who lives his best life, didn’t have such a carefree past before being adopted. That’s interesting!

This rescued dog’s smile proves that he is so happy in his loving family.

Meet Meaty, a smiling dog, who attracts thousands of people from all over the world with his nice smile and is everyone’s favourite. But the cutie didn’t have such a happy past, and before being adopted by his actual owner, he had to stay at a shelter.

When a woman named Lisa Reilly saw his picture on Facebook that had been shared by the shelter, she immediately fell in love with him, because the dog had a strong resemblance with her previous doggy, who had passed away some months ago.

Lisa hurried to the shelter to take him home. So since then his life changed and he began to smile frequently and his smile became real. Now he spends his best life with his loving owner who provides him with everything he needs.

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