“Too much retouching”: Actress Monica Bellucci looked unrecognizable due to photo retouching

The Italian diva was recently criticized for using too much photo retouching

Gorgeous 57-year-old Bellucci visited a charity concert by Albert II of Monaco and became one of the most influential and welcome celebrity guests there. Monica appeared in a luxurious full-length dress from Dolce&Gabbanna and wore high heels which emphasized her charm and femininity.

The Italian diva completed her spectacular look with her wavy hairstyle and gorgeous jewelry from Cartier. It is worth mentioning that the star hasn’t ever undergone any plastic surgeries and always been for natural look and aging process.

Whereas a number of network users clearly noticed that she used too much photo retouching and Photoshop in pictures taken at the event. The Italian celebrity’s fans suggested that she should stop using Photoshop and accept the way she looks.

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