The loyal elephant never forgets what her caretaker has done for her and greets him in a cute way

This is how a baby elephant greets her beloved man.

We all know that elephants never forget, and they don’t hide their gratitude to those, who treat them well. It refers to Kham Lah, a baby elephant, who was saved and brought to the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary, Thailand, and still stays under the strong care of the staff. Especially, the cutie has a strong connection with one of the workers named Darrik, who is very attentive about the little elephant and provides her with everything she needs.

The whole staff is attracted by their relationship. They give much love and care to each other and that’s wonderful!

Every time the baby sees her beloved man, runs towards him to greet him in a cute way. She strongly holds his hand and trumpets a loud “hello”.

The scene of the relationship of this beautiful couple is amazing. Enjoy it!

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