A homeless cat pacifies a tired nurse during his break

A cute cat, that came to sleep on a nurse’s lap

Ahmed Flaty had a very hard time training to be a nurse during coronavirus pandemic.

The hospital in Egypt, where he was working was full of people and also his schedule was tiring.

When Flaty went out of the hospital to have a little and rare break a little kitten came to him. The kitten seemed to understand, that he is very tired and needs some relax.

The man told: “I was sitting near the hospital with my friend to talk a little when a kitten came to me. She didn’t meow or anything. She just looked at me, crawled into my lap, stared at me for a few seconds and fell asleep.”

He couldn’t believe the little kitten was so brave to come to him. Maybe she needed a little comfort, too. “It’s a very rare thing to see, as homeless animals are badly treated in Egypt and they didn’t come up to humans, especially if there wasn’t any food.”

The little cat slept for 15 to 20 minutes and all this time the man had to remain still. And when she finished her task, she simply went away.

The man relaxed and was prepared to return to the hospital after a 12 hour shift for 20 days.

Flaty wants so much to adopt a dog or a cat, but it’s impossible for his busy schedule, as he didn’t have any time to pay an attention to the animal. He hadn’t ever seen the kitten, but he looked for his every time he’s on a break.

“Clearly, it was the best day of the whole year”


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