A very beautiful wild cat attracts everyone’s attention when she walks in the street

The beautiful lynx showed up in the neighbourhood 

Allison Burton was at home in Canada when she saw a big hairy animal walking in her neighbourhood. She thought it was a dog.

But she than looked closely.

It had been a lynx, who was showing her beautiful fluffy body for everyone to see.

“I have never seen a lynx in a real life before. I was very happy, that I saw these amazing creatures so close.”

Burton quickly went to take her camera and it was a good thing.

The lynx wasn’t in a hurry, as she was walking calmly down the road, allowing Burton to capture such amazing pictures.

Other people also came to see the amazing creature, but it didn’t allow them to see only her head.

“Other people also liked the cute creatures.”

After all of that the lynx disappeared in the wild, as she was adopted. Burton wouldn’t forget this day.

“I can’t believe, that these amazing animal just past my house.”

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