A teacher has lost her beloved cat, so her students decided to give her two rescue kittens

A touching gift of the students to their teacher 

A teacher in Texas named Tonya Andrews had lost her beloved senior cat and was very sad. She was going to the vet, when her beloved cat named Blondie passed away. And for the next days the teacher was devastated and heartbroken. “I cried so much the next day at school.” told the teacher.

So her students decoded to make her happy. They knew, that Blondie was very vital and irreplaceable for their teacher, but they find a way to make her happy. So the students organised a surprise for their teacher with balloons, cake, flowers and also two little kittens.  “I was so touched by the love my class showed. But then Rachel brought two beautiful kittens.”

The teacher didn’t understand the two babies were meant for her at first. Than she realised, that she is going to have not only one, but two kittens.

“Are they mine?” she asked. Than she held them and understood they are her. My heart can feel happiness again. The moment was so touching for the teacher, that she burst into tears.

And happily the cute moment was captured. Just look at it.

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