A cat was leftover on street corner with his garbage box

Animals can collect people together 

Last Wednesday someone left the cat in New York. There was a box of litter and other cat supplies next to him.

He was crying.

The touching photo of him was shared on the Internet. Soon after he was discovered, a street sweeper scared him away.

“People often share photos of animals they see that need help.

And one of the founders of animal rescue organisation Elizabeth Champ told, that when he knew about the animal, she immediately went to search for him.

“We want to thank many of our neighbours, who helped us finding the cat.”

After many days of searching the cat appeared in the yard of local and retired cat rescuer Karen Oh.

“We quickly took him to the vet to be examined and searched for the microchip. No microchip was found, but we are happy that he is completely healthy.”

Happily Nostrand is in safe hands and is waiting for his neuter appointment soon. He will be ready for adoption thanks to his loving community.

“Animals can collect people together.”

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