The dog heard a strange sound from the pool and when he found out what it was, immediately jumped into it

The kind dog amazed his owners with his heroic act.

Meet Yago, a kind and brave dog, that became a real hero after saving the life of a helpless bird.

It was a sunny day, when Yago was having a rest at home in Argentina, when suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the pool. The sound worried the owners, too, who were sleeping inside the house. They immediately woke up and watched through the window and what they saw made them speechless. A pigeon was drowning in the pool and needed help and the most surprising thing they saw was their lovely dog in the pool who hurried to save the poor bird.

Yago managed to take the bird out from the pool and saved its life giving it the second chance at life.
The owners were so proud of their brave boy’s heroic act.

Yago proves everyone that dogs are really useful and helpful, and are ready to protect those who are in need, even putting their lives in danger.

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