A cat, who spent her whole life in a dirty cage can’t stop showing her love for her savers

A love shown by a cat to her foster mother

The cat grew up in an awful conditions, in a dog crate and there was very dirty and she was covered in fleas.

Happily she was saved from the awful situation and taken to Firry Nation Salvation in Florida.

She was able to experience independence for the first time. She was so happy, that she was rescued, that she expressed her gratitude in the kindest way possible. She can’t stop hugging and kissing her rescuers.

As she was very lovable they decided to name her Lovebug. And it was a really suitable name for her. Lovebug likes to jump up and kiss her foster mother Patty’s face.

Lovebug’s photo and story were posted on Facebook in the hopes of finding her a forever home. A family fell in love with her after seeing it and travelled three hours to adopt her.

Watch Lovebug’s video, where he shows her foster mother her love with hugs and kisses.

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