The cat with an unusual hobby. He likes to throw all the things in the house in to the rubbish

A very curious cat, that liked throwing thing off of the surfaces 

Pieru has always had a cute side, but also a indecent side. He always liked doing things, that has not meant to do since he was a kitten, for example throwing things off of surfaces.

“He thinks throwing things over is his pastime from the first days.” told his mother.

Pieru received a nickname “getoffthetable”, since he liked throwing everything off the surfaces. And his pastime was harmless until he found out the garbage can.

“Our garbage can is next to the table. Last year I was looking for my pen and found it in the garbage, but I remembered I hadn’t put it there. And it wasn’t in such a position, that it could on its own appear there”

Reif understood, that it was done by Pieru. And also she discovered all the things she had lost before in the same place. Pieru has a special ability to throw things in the garbage in the way, that no one had ever noticed.

Now Reif always remembers to check the garbage can of she lost something. She’s found many things there, such as scissors, pens, the salt shaker, and the Tv remote. And it seems Pieru is proud of all this.

Pieru didn’t want to hide his enjoyment of throwing things. He likes his activities to he known to his family members, as it is funny.

“I’m sure he did it with pleasure. Every time he wants to throw something over and you exclaim no he throws it with a big smile.”

Throwing things off of the surfaces, especially if they appear in the garbage can is Piero’s favourite pastime and he doesn’t want to stop it.

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