This kind-hearted schoolboy carries his disabled close friend on his back for years

It’s been 6 years the schoolboy always carries his disabled friend on his back

This poor boy was diagnosed a very serious condition at the age of 4. The child gradually lost control over the work of his muscles and soon wasn’t able to even walk independently.

Regardless of this, the little boy could attend school and live a complete life of a schoolchild thanks to his kind-hearted best friend who constantly carried him on his back.

The heroic boy carried him to the toilet, canteen and they together did their homework and all the assignments. The bighearted boy said that he liked helping his close friend and claimed that it was actually not difficult for him.

The poor disabled child is very grateful to his kind friend for his priceless help and admits he has done everything possible for him. His friend dreams of becoming a specialist who will assist the society in the nearest future.

He is a true hero, isn’t he?

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