The wife of the groomer captured the funniest moment of her husband dancing with a dog. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

The crazy groomer was having fun with a dog during his job.

Some dogs are afraid of being washed or having bath, especially when they visit professionals. But here is the funniest groomer named Luis Antonio Caballero who proves poor animals there’s nothing to get frightened of them.

This man is the head of PetShop Perrito Feliz and he does this job with his wife named Gabriela. Once the woman noticed something amazing and decided to capture the moment on camera. The crazy groomer was dancing with a client’s dog while it was having bath.

At that moment, his wife went to make some tea and when she returned, found her husband in such a crazy situation and decided to capture the moment secretly.

It proves that the man adores his job and does it with great pleasure.

The groomer not only cleans and washes the clients’ dogs, he also saves abandoned animals from the streets and looks after them, then he puts them for adoption.

He doesn’t work alone: his wife is always by his side and helps him with everything. Their whole family is devoted to saving and protecting homeless animals.

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