The family always dreamed of having a pig, but were afraid to keep it with their 4 dogs, but then something unexpected happened

The family decided to adopt a pig as a pet, and it was the best decision ever!

Olive is a cute piglet, who enjoys her life with her 4 companions, friendly dogs, who are her inseparable friends. Olive thinks she is a dog, too and does the same things the dogs do. They are always together: eat, sleep, play, walk and run together. She doesn’t differ from them, even when the dogs run to the gates and bark, she immediately follows them.

Her human mom named Alissa always dreamed of keeping a pig as a pet, and she could achieve her goal when they moved to acreage, so it would be comfortable to keep a pig in such good conditions. There was only one problem that scared the family into adopting a pig: they had 4 dogs and didn’t expect how they would live together.

But later when they got Olive, they were surprised to see they befriended each other and became inseparable so quickly.

Then Alissa started to take adorable photos of these amazing animals and share them on Instagram collecting thousands of views from all over the world. The whole Internet is attracted by their friendship and the followers wait for new photos of them each day. The animals wear beautiful clothes similar to each other, which makes them prettier.

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