The amazing photoshoot of a beautiful girl and a cute husky looking like a real model, will melt your heart

You can’t get enough of watching the adorable photos of a girl and a husky.

These amazing photos were taken by a friend of Crina Popescu, a photographer, who asked her to take some pictures of her and a husky, that is so pretty.

The girl is a photographer and it’s her job to take photos, but that day she decided to give her role to her friend and asked her to capture some nice photos of her and a husky, who attracted her from the first sight.
Although the girl didn’t know the dog’s owners, she liked her a lot and decided to involve the animal in her photos.

Hades, the husky, seemed to be a model, as she posed perfectly making the photos more attractive. The cutie was so active and she befriended the girl quickly.

So cute!

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