Last year a funny thing happened with the woman’s two cats, when they went out to play with the snow

The woman got surprised to see how her two cats were enjoying the snow.

Meet Nero and Tommie, two funny cats, that enjoy having time together and are inseparable. Their owner named Felicity Berkleef adores them and lets them do everything they want.

One winter day, when it was snowing, the woman decided to take her cats out to play with snow. And how they reacted when they saw everything white around them was really amazing. They were so happy to see much snow outside and began to have fun together.

It was really surprising for the woman, who started photographing them, which you see here. It was a fantastic day and both the cats and the woman was enjoying their time. The cute photos of the two cats playing with the snow are wonderful and many people got attracted by them.

They are so beautiful!

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