The rescued giraffe has found comfort in befriending the baby elephants, and now they have a strong bond

The friendship between a giraffe and two baby elephants is something you must see.

Meet Kiko, a rescued giraffe, who was found abandoned in Meru National Park in Kenya by some people, who immediately informed special organisations about the case.

Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit came at once and took the baby to a vet to give him all the appropriate treatment. They fed and provided him everything he needed.

At first Kiko befriended with the staff, but then he found his comfort next to the two baby elephants named Weiwei and Loboito, who became his inseparable friends. There’s nothing more pleasant than seeing such a cute relationship between these amazing animals. They are so happy to have each other in their lives. It’s wonderful!

The elephants always follow their tall friend everywhere he goes and they trust him and know they are protected and safe next to both the caring staff and their loyal friend, that never leaves them alone. So cute!

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