A woman waves to a bear and the latter happily replies 

Visitors come to the ranch to learn more about the feral life.

The bear lives at the Olympic Ranch in Washington, DC, where hundreds of animals live in big locations.

It is not obvious clearly how he got to the ranch. It is probable that he was saved from the zoo, they could not send him back to the wild.

But in any case, here he is independent to live as he desires. Every so often people visit the ranch in order to see the wonderful creatures.

Like the woman in this story. As soon as she saw the bear, she made a decision to touch him. His answer. Totally incredible.

Visitors come to the ranch to learn more about feral life as well as see animals they wouldn’t otherwise see in their natural area.

One such visitor once got into his car and all of a sudden waved at the bear, after which he greeted him with a moan of calmness.

Check their remarkable meeting in the clip below.

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