A frightened dog was spotted freezing under the rain as well as starving

Due to kind people, the pup had a second opportunity to live his life.

The puppy was starving as well as thirsty. He was completely wet in the rain. The dog came out. He felt an intense cold.

Sadly, many have neglected the dog.

It was obvious that the dog only fed on mud as well as rocks in order to live. The time when the saviors arrived, the puppy was

instantly carried to the vet facility.

The dog was frightened and, happily, was in good health. He was healed in a veterinary clinic.

The dog was named Diga. 15 ticks were removed from the dog’s skin.

Gradually, the dog’s condition improved, and he began to wag his tail.

He was very friendly and happy with other dogs as well.

He is loved here and all the personnel says he lives life to the fullest.

Currently, he is just enjoying life. Due to such people, he had a second opportunity to live his life as well as enjoy every second spent with other dogs in the haven.

We are hopeful that he will be affiliated soon and have a caring family. He is worth it.

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