The courageous firefighter adopted a “miracle” cat after saving her from a shelter fire

A miraculous survival of animals from the fire in the shelter

The fire happened in the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando and it seemed, there wasn’t hope for animals, that were inside especially cats as the fire started from the place where they were kept.

But a cat was able to escape from the fire with very little hurts and was adopted by a firefighter who saved her.

When the firefighters came, one of them named Brett Maneri wanted to make sure there weren’t any animals left. When he saw, that there are still animals his most important job became a rescue.

He told: “All the cats were afraid pf the fire like they saw a ghost. It’s very sad, that such things happen in a places where animals are saved.”

During the rescue Maneri and his friends found three cats, one of them was pregnant and was in the room where a celling landslide. Two of them were in a serious condition, but a green-eyed one wasn’t injured that much.

“She was in a really awful situation. But she came with only little injuries, which was a real miracle.”

Unfortunately 17 cats passed away in the fire and 24 were found healthy, and all of 26 dogs survived.

Manner decided to adopt a cat from the shelter, as he saw the helpless condition of the little animals. He also had two cats and a dog. He grew up with a lot of animals as his mother had a shelter.

Mia, the one that escaped with very little injuries became the new member of Maneri’s family.

He signed all the necessary documents and took her home. At first she was sad for all the happenings, but after some time she returned to her natural state. He liked hugs with Maner, his girlfriend, his mother or other animals.

Manner became popular for adopting Mia, but he wrote about all the team work they have done for the situation.

“I knew, that everything can’t be so in not my staff and all the people, that helped us. Things may end almost differently.”

He also told people to have a donation for the Pet Alliance shelter as it needs assistance more than ever. And here’s where you can donate.

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