We are hopeful this dog recovers shortly as well as finds a permanent home 

The dog mustered all his power in order to bark for assistance. The story ended abruptly.

A rejected as well as an exhausted dog lay on freshly spilled tar searching for a location to warm up in Suwalki, Poland.

Sadly, the dog does not know that he is going to be caught, but as soon as he realized this, he began to bark, calling for help.

Neighboring employees heard the dog barking out loud as he struggled to call for help.

As soon as they arrived at the location and detected the dog, they instantly contacted Joanna Godlska of the Nietzsche Animal Salvation Fund. The good news was that the hero animal was able to free his snout from the resin so that he was able to bark as well as breathe.

Animal saviors slowly cut off the dog’s hair stuck in the tar with the help of regional police fire. They then managed to extract the dog’s body from the resin.

The dog was then carried to the vet facility for investigation and healing for fatigue. Over 100 ticks were removed from his body.

After getting rid of the tar remaining on the coat of the dog, he was provided with a warm bed as well as hot food and repeated bathing. Happily, the dog is beginning to feel stronger and has recovered from minor head damage.

The beloved dog, whose name is Farchik, begins to walk gradually, he will stay with his saviors until he is fully cured. After a complete recovery, he will be available for affiliation.

We are hopeful he recovers shortly as well as finds a permanent home.

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