A defenseless dog that suffered a lot for many years became unrecognizable. It’s incredible!

The rescued dog now has the life he deserves.

You can’t read the story of Amaze-Bobb, a rescued dog, without being excited. The poor animal had a difficult life wandering on the streets for about 10 years, but fortunately, he was saved by Synergy animal rescue in San Diego.
They found the two-legged animal in an awful condition.

Everything was not so bad for the dog, because a kindhearted couple decided to adopt him, because they loved him just from the first meeting.
He began to live with this caring family, which has other pets, too, two dogs and two cats.

Bob lost his two legs and his teeth were rotten, and the vets had to remove them.

After adopting him, the couple immediately took him to a vet clinic, where after fully examining him, it turned out he had a serious infection in his mouth. But the skilled staff did their best to cure all the illnesses and, fortunately, they succeed. After some time Bob became completely healthy.

After passing through so many difficulties, the brave dog stayed strong and never stopped to go forward. Now he enjoys his carefree life: plays, runs, jumps like other dogs. Bob has everything he needs and adores his human parents, who gave him a second chance at life.

Strong boy!

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