The cat with the luxurious style caught the attention of the wedding guests

A very stylish cat at a wedding of his owners

The wedding day was the best day for the bride and the groom. They carefully planned their ideal wedding.

They talked with their escort, Moose. They didn’t want to leave their pet at home, so they thought an important role for him and was sure he looked good.

Although there were many elegant visitors, Moose was in the middle of everyone’s attention with his special suit and tie. Than he won many hearts online.

Visitors immediately understood Moose’s royal behaviour, although he was a cat, he seemed to be above it all.

A twitter user even commented: “I thought I owe this cat some money.”

Moose wasn’t an ordinary cat, he became a real superstar.

Of course the wedding day was the most important one for newlyweds, but also their special day will be remembered because of their superstar cat.

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